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Chemistry Unit Test Review

Complete the Chemistry Unit Test Review

Lesson 12 – WHMIS



Complete the WHMIS Worksheet

Lesson 11 – Acids and Bases

Acids and Bases Note


Complete the Acids and Bases Worksheet

Scan, read, and review pages 190-193 and do Q#1-8

Scan, read, and review pages 194-196 and do Q#1-3

Scan, read, and review pages 225-229 and do Q#1-8


Law of Conservation of Mass Lab

Complete the Law of Conservation of Mass Lab

Lesson 10 – Types of Reactions

Types of Chemical Reactions Note


Scan, read, review pages 222-224 and do Q#1-4

Complete the Types of Chemical Reactions Worksheet

Lesson 9 – Describing Chemical Reactions

Describing Chemical Reactions Note


Read pages 214-215 and do Q#1-4

Read pages 218-221 and do Q#1-6

Complete the Describing Chemical Reactions Worksheet

Complete the Chemical Equations Worksheet

Complete the Balancing Equations Worksheet

Lesson 8 – Covalent Bonding

Molecules and Covalent Bonding Note


Complete the Molecular Compounds Worksheet

Complete the Molecular vs. Ionic Worksheet

Read pages 184-186 and do Q#1-7

Lesson 7 – Polyatomic Ions

Polyatomic Ions Note


Read pages 181-183 and do Q#1f, 2f, 4e-g

Complete the Polyatomic Ions Worksheet

Lesson 6 – Ionic Compounds

Ionic Compounds Note


Complete the Ionic Compounds Worksheet

Read pages 178-180 and do Q#1a-e, 2a-e, 3, 4a-d, 5 on pg. 183

Lesson 5 – Atoms and Ions

Atoms and Ions Note


Read pages 174-177 and do Q#1-7

Complete the Atoms and Ions Worksheet

Complete the Ions Worksheet